[BCAB] windows live essentials

Pele West pele.west at west-home.co.uk
Fri Apr 1 16:05:12 BST 2011

Hi Joe

Apologies, I have only just read your messages.

I use Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium, Window-Eyes 7.5 and a Brailliant braille display.

I keep reading that people do not have issues with Windows Live Mail, but I have found some problems with it:

1. When arrowing through the list of folders the folders are not shown on the braille display.

2. Windows Live Mail 2011 uses the new MicroSoft ribbon and Window-Eyes does not always read all the options.

3. The best way to read and write messages is to set it to view in HTm.  However, if one does this Quotes and Apostrophes are changed into circumflex 
characters.  I have not found a way of changing this and, looking at posts on discussion lists, other people have not found a way round this problem either.

Window-~Eyes 7.5 has an app for Windows Live Mail which I am using, but it is still causing trouble.

I have gone back to using PM Mail 2000 which is much more friendly, although it is rather out of date.

Pele West

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