[BCAB] Scanning With Mac PC

Gordon Keen gordonkeen at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 1 16:56:56 BST 2011

Well, speech in the form of voiceover is part of the operating system so he is good to go on that, just hit cmd )the apple key) plus f5 and it should be there.   ctrl plus option plus k will let him explore the keyboard and using the voiceover keys ctrl plus option plus a.n. other key should give him an idea of what keyboard controls he can expect.   Press esc to exit keyboard help and cmd plus f5 to quit voiceover.

I haven't used a scanner myself but hear good reports of vu scan.

Perhaps a visit to:

would point him to a list where he can get more help.




From glorious Devon, England..
On 1 Apr 2011, at 15:36, m smith wrote:

> Scanning using Mac PC    Hello
> I am writing on behalf of an elderly friend whose sight is rapidly deteriorating.  He uses a Mac computer and he is finding it increasingly hard to read scanned mail.  Is there a product, such as Kurzweil, which would work on his computer?  He needs magnification but will soon need speech.
> Any advice or guidance would

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