[BCAB] Warning for all Facebook users

chris hallsworth christopherh40 at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 1 19:29:10 BST 2011

Hello all.
Here is an e-mail I got from somebody on another list. No, this is no 
April Fools joke, this really did happen to this individual, who will 
not be named as she is not on this list. But let's just say she's not a 
happy camper and she is going to extremes to sort this out. Well good 
for her. Now onto the message. Thanks for reading!
Yesterday, I attempted to log into my facebook account from my home 
computer and was told that it appears that I logged on from an 
unfamiliar place. I had to use the audio captia and then step two they 
gave me pictures to look at so I could match the names with the 
pictures that I saw. Right? Wrong! I am totally blind and cannot see to 
match the pictures to match with the correct corresponding name. I had 
raised my security a little bit after getting rid of some spammy 
applications that also tried to give me a virus. I thought it would be 
okay to raise my security on facebook because all they would do was have 
me answer a specific question. I did fix it on my web browser to delete 
the history every time I exited my computer because I didn't want to get 
anymore viruses. I thought that would be a wise thing to do. I know 
friends who are blind on facebook who have it set to get rid of the 
history upon exiting their browser.
I tried to get someone sighted to help me but they didn't know hardly 
any of my friends and couldn't help me recognize the pictures to put the 
names with either. In essence, they were as blind as I was.  I told the 
accessibility team that I'd be more than happy to go to the media with 
this. so, that's where I'm going next. This is not acceptable to me at 
all. I am for all intents and purposes locked out of my account 
permanently. That's just not acceptable to me. someone might think I'm 
over reacting as usual, but oh well. I don't want this happening to 
anyone else. I'm going to try to make sure it doesn't.

Chris Hallsworth

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