[BCAB] Learning Python

Léonie Watson tink at tink.co.uk
Sun Apr 3 12:51:36 BST 2011

	Thanks David, those eBooks would be welcome. It isn't so much the
extent of the indentation, but understanding where/what is indented to begin
with. Most of the tutorials I've been looking at are on the web, and Jaws
doesn't seem to recognise indentation, presumably because the code examples
are in the middle of a multi column layout on the page or something.
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The indentation you use is immaterial. I generally use two spaces for each
level. I have a couple of free EBooks which may be of use, I can send them
to you off list if this would be helpful.

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I'm thinking about trying to learn a little Python. It seems
straight forward enough, except for the tutorials. Using indentation
correctly in my own code is fine, but working out what indentation is used
on the web tutorials I've found is much harder. Can anyone recommend a good
Python tutorial for blind developers? Thanks.



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