[BCAB] some questions regarding some programs

Alexander Shannon alexander.shannon at btinternet.com
Mon Apr 4 22:10:51 BST 2011

Hi all,

As a result of a discussion on the BT Internet Support News
Group the following suggestions regarding security were made
by one of the members, and I'm wondering how accessible the
programs referred to are to screen access technology,
(particularly Jaws and Magic).

Also, would all the suggestions made be worth following up
for someone like myself, who is not using a network but is
using a computer designed for business use but as a home

" "1 - don't browse the internet with admin privileges -
keep the administrator account only for installing software
and doing maintenance and do your online and general work
with a user account that can't install software.
2 - don't allow javascript to run on websites by default -
for me that means using Firefox with NoScript and
RequestPolicy addons and only allowing scripts that I
actively WANT to run.
In fact - get out of the habit of allowing very much at all
to happen "by default". I have everything set to "notify" or
"custom" - which requires me to think a bit before clicking.
3 - there are so many instances of drive-by attacks
originating from infected ad networks popping up nowadays -
several big stories each week
- that it really makes sense to run the Firefox adddon
AdBlock or AdBlock Plus. Internet ads have become bad news
from a security point of view and I think it will get worse.
4 - a regularly updated HOSTS file protects against many of
the malware domains (I use the MVPS hosts file) - use
HostMan for easy maintenance of the HOSTS file..
5 - Secunia PSI lets you know when things like Adobe Flash
or your windows installation or browser are due updates. As
I don't get Windows updates in my user account, it is handy
to have the Secunia icon in the tray, alerting me to the
fact that something on my computer is out of date, then I
can shift to the admin account and specifically go for the
Windows update."

Encase anyone needs URLS for the programs mentioned, here
they are.

MVPS Hosts file - http://www.mvps.org/winhelp2002/hosts.htm
(not been updated recently)
Hostman software - http://abelhadigital.com/ Secunia PSI -

Alexander Shannon

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