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Hi Jim,

This is supplied by Graff of Newark Ltd, Email address:  sales at graffofnewark.co.uk 
Good wishes,


- Email Address: sales at graffofnewark.co.uk 

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Hi Jeanette,

Where can you buy or view this item?


Jim Williams

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I am thinking of buying a Graff Crystal Memory Stick Player
which includes an FM radio   (a radio is important for me).
The manufacturer's  description below suggests that it is
accessible, but has anyone else experience of it, please?

   The only other Memory Stick Player I have heard of is the
Boom Box, and recent posts to this list suggested some
problems with that, and I am not sure if it has a radio.

Any advice welcome.
  Thank you.

The Graff Crystal is the only memory stick
lplayer in our range which also has an FM Radio, whilst the
controls are
 quite small, it is relatively straight forward to use.
Its, main features
 Plays MP3 files on USB Flash Drives (memory sticks) and SD
Cards. Internal
 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

 . Stable, Solid Construction

 . Simple, Accessible Control Panel. Can be Operated by
Remote Control  - 

. Suitable for Visually Impaired

 . Battery or Mains Operation -charger included

 . Plays Stereo or Mono MP3 Files

 . Remembers last track played

 . Automatic or manual scan for radio stations

The controls are on the front face and the slot for the
memory stick is on 
the top, we would fit a guide to aid memory stick insertion.

 Dimensions: 14 cm x 10.5 cm x 6.3 cm

 Weight: 405 grams.

 Cost = £34.80 including VAT
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