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You have to use a mix and match approach. There are a few things that can only be done on the website, but these are few and far between. On your iPhone I would suggest Tweetlist as the very best app, but the official Twitter app is now pretty good. I would say you'd use apps on whichever device you happen to want to use at the time. I use 5 different apps across my Mac and iPhone for a variety of reasons, but two or three will do most people.

In terms of finding people, you can import from various sources, have a look on the finding friends section, you can browse other people's followers, you can search by username, screen name, real mane and often email address or phone number. To attract followers, follow people, retweet things of interest to people, use hash tags that people search on like  #a11y for accessibility and so on. You will very quickly be overwhelmed if you follow too many people though!

Twitter is, in my view, the best website there is at the moment! The iPhone apps and Mac apps are fantastic too, can't speak for the PC any more though lol!


On 6 Apr 2011, at 10:58, Ian Macrae wrote:

> Two things yesterday gave me the nudge I needed to join Twitter.  first I landed an interview for the mag with Alastair Campbell and was told that this is precisely the sort of thing I should be able to tweet.  Second I listened to Damon and Léonie singing its praises on In Touch last night.
> I have the following questions.
> Which is better - that's to say both in terms of accessibility/usability and convenience - to have it on a computer or a mobile device such as my iPhone?
> Where can I go to learn more about Qwitter?
> Does anyone have particular favourite iPhone apps for Twitter?
> How do you attract followers?
> How easy is it to identify people you might want to follow?  If, for example I wanted to follow other editorial colleagues in the media but didn't necessarily know their names?
> How do you go about attracting followers?
> If people would prefer to contact me about this off list, feel free.
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