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Hi Doreen.

There are 2 ftp clients I know of.  The most basic of these is the free
version of FTP Explorer.  The best place to get this is from the downloads
section of the website www.whitestick.co.uk

I also use Filezilla.  I have not used this for a while but last time I
tried it it was quite accessible and it is also free.  It is on
sourceforge.net but the best way is probably to do a google search.


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Hi there:

I am trying to download some files from an ftp server using IE8, jaws 11 and
windows xp home.  Having no success with ie8 as I am constantly being
presented with a log in screen.  When I hit the ok button I am taken back to
the log in screen.

Two questions therefore please:

Are there any settings in ie8 I can check for ftp server optimisation or
alternatively is there an accessible ftp client that people would recommend

Many thanks.


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