[BCAB] code factory vat exemption

LaMcAs lamcas17 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 7 17:38:46 BST 2011

That was because you did not read the pages correctly  - there is a radio
button or check box to check to say you are exempt for VAT and are a low
vision user or woods do that effect.

If you give Neil a call at Talca I'm sure he'll help you sort it out.

Larry & Elliot GD (Guide Dog)
London, UK

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Hi all.
Maybe I should sort this out myself. I bought a Talks license transfer
yesterday, and I was charged £60.00 instead of the £50.00, due to the
increased VAT rate. Like you, I thought this was strange as it's a blindness
related product therefore we should be excempt. I bought it from
www.talknav.com. Not complaining; just sharing my views on a similar
Hope you sort your MobileSpeak issue out.
Take care.

Chris Hallsworth

On 07/04/2011 03:05 PM, Graham Page wrote:
> Hi all.
> A friend of mine has recently bought Mobile Speak for the android from 
> code factory and was charged full 20 percent vat.  I would have 
> thought that she would have not had to pay VAT as this is surely a 
> piece of software that is a screenreader for android phones so it is 
> designed purely to make existing android phones accessible.  It was 
> bought directly from code factory in spain .  does this vat exemption 
> apply to things bought anywhere in the EU or do you need to buy it from a
uk dealer?
> Regards
> Graham
> Graham Page
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