[BCAB] Copying files and folders and retaining original creation dates

Kevin Russell kevin_russell at uk.ibm.com
Tue Apr 12 09:11:52 BST 2011


I'm looking for a utility that will allow me to copy files and folders 
that will retain the original creation dates of all files and folders on 
the copies.  Currently, if I move or copy, say,  a folder using Explorer, 
the copy of the folder has today's date as the creation date. Interesting, 
if you use the Move option on a file, all original dates are retained. 
This is for building and maintaining my backup archive.  It's very useful 
to be able to retain original dates.

Does anybody know of a package that will do this; perhaps a plug-in for 
Windows Explorer.  Would Image for Windows allow me to do this.  I know 
quite a few people use that package for backing up their hard drives.

Many thanks.



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