[BCAB] downloading documents from web with IPhone

Martin Roberts martin.roberts at humanware.com
Thu Apr 14 07:06:35 BST 2011

Hi Graham
You can download and read pdf files as I have done when I've been with
you before.

Tap the file name and it should ask you if you'd like the file to open
in ibooks. Maybe you havn't yet installed this free ap?


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Hi all.


One absolutely staggering  hole in the capability of the IPhone seems to
be downloading files that it can read.  This would seem to be such a
fundamental requirement of any  mobile web device that I can't believe
this feature is not present.


If I go to a restaurant and I want to read the PDF menu, how would I do
this?  Maybe I can do it from my computer and load the file into the
right place on the phone but even symbian phones have been able to
download files such as PdF documents so you can view them for years.
The only problem was that the built in pdf readers on symbian phones
were never accessible.  Is there an app that will let me download and
view a PDF file or any other kind of text document for that matter?






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