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for this to work properly, you need to set up one machine to delete
messages.  even better, if your machine supports it, use Imap which will
synchronise the mesages on the server automatically, deleting the messages
when you delete them from either machine.  not all ISPs offer this.

If you need to keep using pop then there are 2 approaches.  Set both
machines to delete messages from the server when they are moved to deleted
messages  folder on the PC is probably the best option but managing 1 pop
account on 2 machines can be tricky.



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Hi folks:
I have two computers, a desktop running windows xp home and Outlook Express
and a lap top running windows 7 and Outlook.  I am getting different E mails

on each computer
from my ISP server, even though I have gone into accounts in Outlook Express
and checked the box that asks to leave a copy of the message on the server.
I should add that I am way more familiar with Outlook Express than Outlook
and wonder if there is a setting I should change in Outlook so that the same

E mails come onto both computers.
If this message is somewhat confusing I apologise but hope somebody can 
Many thanks.

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