[BCAB] problems switching off my PC

Joan Muir wjmuir.twadugs at btinternet.com
Sat Apr 16 20:22:27 BST 2011

I don't know if this will help but I had a similar problem a few months ago. 
It only sorted itself out when I upgraded Internet Explorer.

Anyway, I just used alt +e to end program and kept doing this till I got the 
close down music.

Best wishes,

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Subject: [BCAB] problems switching off my PC

> Hi all,
> Using JAWS 12 and Windows XP, I have noticed since the middle of the week
> that I am not abel to switch off my Pc in the normal way, i.e. via the
> button on the top right of my PC keyboard.
> After closeing down all applications such as Outlook and the internet, I
> attempt to switch my PC off, only to get a message up and an end now 
> prompt.
> ON the first night it happend, I enterd on end tasks, only to get another
> mesage up.  I again entered on end tasks and this time I got my closing
> jingle and the PC closed down as normal.
> Since then, I have only pressed end takss once but I can't now get the PC 
> to
> switch off.
> AS this has been happening for the last few days, I decided to look in the
> links list dialog box, system trey and also task manager but I can't find
> any trace of any programme running whatsoever.
> Please could anyone advise me as to what I can do next.
> the other night I switched off my PC via the tower and hoped that this 
> might
> solve the problem but it hasn't.  I am rather baffled as to what is going 
> on
> and so any suggestions would be most welcome.
> Thanks
> Paul.
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