[BCAB] problems switching off my PC

John Burling j.burling at btconnect.com
Sat Apr 16 20:43:01 BST 2011

Hi Paul. If you're getting a dialog containing an End Now button, then it
should also include the name of the task/application/process causing the
problem. I know JAWS functionality may be impaired at this point in the
shutdown process, but try and make a note of the task name in each dialog,
then type Alt-e. Keep repeating this cycle, and with luck the machine should
eventually shut down. If you can then report the names of the offending
programs to us, it may give a hint as to what is going wrong. Perhaps you've
recently installed a new application or driver, or Windows or another of
your installed programs has performed an automatic update of some sort.
Perhaps you could do a system restore if you have this facility enabled.



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Hi all,

Using JAWS 12 and Windows XP, I have noticed since the middle of the week
that I am not abel to switch off my Pc in the normal way, i.e. via the
button on the top right of my PC keyboard.

After closeing down all applications such as Outlook and the internet, I
attempt to switch my PC off, only to get a message up and an end now prompt.

ON the first night it happend, I enterd on end tasks, only to get another
mesage up.  I again entered on end tasks and this time I got my closing
jingle and the PC closed down as normal.

Since then, I have only pressed end takss once but I can't now get the PC to
switch off.

AS this has been happening for the last few days, I decided to look in the
links list dialog box, system trey and also task manager but I can't find
any trace of any programme running whatsoever.

Please could anyone advise me as to what I can do next.

the other night I switched off my PC via the tower and hoped that this might
solve the problem but it hasn't.  I am rather baffled as to what is going on
and so any suggestions would be most welcome.



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