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Clive Lever clive.lever at btinternet.com
Sun Apr 17 21:33:59 BST 2011

Hi Léonie,

I belive RNIB send out Waitrose newsletters and things on disc to all who subscribe to their magazines tec.  So, I'd have hoped that somewhere, someone in RNIB might have the ear of someone who could kick them to get their act together

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  There's been a bit of chatter of late about the Tesco website, but
  trying to use the Waitrose website puts things entirely into perspective.
  It's undoubtedly the worst grocery shopping website I've ever come across.
  I've contacted Waitrose directly, but wondered whether anyone else
  had tried to use the  website? Partly because I'd like to shop there (if
  only for special occasions), and partly because I can't quite believe that
  with the hard work that Tesco and Sainsburys are putting into accessibility
  and usability, that Waitrose are just so far behind.


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