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Graham Page gpage at useit.plus.com
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I use the ocado site as in some parts of the country it is ocado that
delivers rather than Waitrose.  I think the ocado site could be better
though as well.  Some really annoying problems such as the heading with the
name of the product being shown after the information such as price etc.

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	There's been a bit of chatter of late about the Tesco website, but
trying to use the Waitrose website puts things entirely into perspective.
It's undoubtedly the worst grocery shopping website I've ever come across.
	I've contacted Waitrose directly, but wondered whether anyone else
had tried to use the  website? Partly because I'd like to shop there (if
only for special occasions), and partly because I can't quite believe that
with the hard work that Tesco and Sainsburys are putting into accessibility
and usability, that Waitrose are just so far behind.


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