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Léonie Watson tink at tink.co.uk
Mon Apr 18 21:20:37 BST 2011

The Waitrose website is one of those that lacks any kind of usable
structure. There are headings and lists, but they're only used for standard
blurb areas of each page such as "About us", "Our services" and the like.
When it comes to the task of shopping, there isn't a heading or list of note
to be found anywhere.

	This makes it difficult to know where in the hierarchy of aisles or
shelves you are, or indeed where you can go next. The products (when you get
that far) are not marked up as a table, or with headings, or any other
useful markup of any kind. It's back to using tab and/or the arrow keys to
navigate around.

	When trying to access product information, the site uses a tab
widget to show/hide content. If you don't know any better, the tab options
appear as plain text, and you're unaware they can be treated like links.
Several products I looked at didn't seem to have any usable product
information at all. I'm still not sure whether the information was
inaccessible, or whether it was just rubbish for everyone.

	There are text descriptions that are missing of course, plus
untitled frames and some kind of inaccessible Flash (although I have no idea
what). There are lots of links with unhelpful link text, and the skip link
has been hidden from everyone including screen reader users.

	Head over to waitrose.com and have a quick look around. It's close
to a par with Asda, another website that offers a pretty disgraceful user
experience IMHO. Oh well, back to Sainsburys for a much more enjoyable
shopping experience...




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Hmmm I think I will have to take a look at that and drop them a line too.  I
am constantly badgering Tesco about their site.  Well I mean their main site
as I refuse to use their accessible non javascript version.  The main Tesco
site works very well on the Mac, but the only thing I cant get to work is
being able to read information about the product or list other promotions
within that offer group.  The reason for this is that Tesco seem to open
this information with a layer instead of a pop up window which they used to

Their time slot table could do with a bit of work too.

What are the problems you are experiencing with Waitrose?  Ever tried the
ASDA site? now that is bad, and the accessible link does nothing when I
click on it with my Mac.

On 17 Apr 2011, at 21:17, Léonie Watson wrote:

> 	There's been a bit of chatter of late about the Tesco website, but 
> trying to use the Waitrose website puts things entirely into perspective.
> It's undoubtedly the worst grocery shopping website I've ever come across.
> 	I've contacted Waitrose directly, but wondered whether anyone else 
> had tried to use the  website? Partly because I'd like to shop there 
> (if only for special occasions), and partly because I can't quite 
> believe that with the hard work that Tesco and Sainsburys are putting 
> into accessibility and usability, that Waitrose are just so far behind.
> Léonie.
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