[BCAB] probelms doing a serch on HMV site

john coley johncoley at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Apr 19 20:49:20 BST 2011

Paul, There is sometimes a guidance message in search boxes just in case 
people need to be told what they're for. You need to delete any text that's 
there before putting in your search term.

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> Hi all,
> Using JAWS 12, Windows XP and IE7.
> Just now, I have attempted to do a search on HMV.com but when I type in my
> serch request in the edit field and hit enter, I discover that there is a
> message in the edit field, advising me that I need to type in something to
> search for.
> Given that I had done just that, I am rather baffled and don't now know 
> how
> to do my search without getting this mesage.
> Any thoughts on this please.
> Thanks
> Paul .
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