[BCAB] problems getting a .PDF to read in the latest adobe

Alexander Shannon alexander.shannon at btinternet.com
Tue Apr 19 21:02:17 BST 2011

Hi all,

I don't know if the following problem is related to the
version of adobe reader I'm using or the document I'm trying
to read.

Today when I opened Adobe I was prompted to upgrade to
something called Adobe X, which I think may be adobe 10.

The reason I opened Adobe is that I've recently become a
member of a website called benefitsandwork.co.uk, and I was
trying to read a .pdf document from that site giving advice
on how to fill in the claim form for ESA.

I would say I'd send the .pdf off list to those who are able
to advise me what my problem is, but I don't think I can
send it to anyone who isn't a member of the site due to
copywrite , but if any list members are also members of that
site and have access to Jaws 12 on a machine running windows
XP, and have some time to take a look at the accessibility
of two of the guides produced for ESA claimants.  These are:

Understanding_ESA_Newtest, and Physical_WCA_Mar_11 and see
if you can get the documents to read correctly, I would
appreciate it.

Alexander Shannon

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