[BCAB] BlackBerry Themed RNIB Phone Watch Event - 3rd May 2011

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Thu Apr 21 12:07:44 BST 2011

Event details:

Date: 3rd May 2011.
Time: 10 am - 12 pm.
Location: 105 Judd Street, London, WC1H 9NE.
Room: Meeting Room 5 (Lower Ground Floor).
Cost: Free.

We're very pleased to announce that at this special BlackBerry themed
Phone Watch event, we'll be joined by Greg Fields and Anne Galang of
Research In Motion, makers of BlackBerry smartphones.

Greg and Anne will be coming to discuss the accessibility work of
Research In Motion and the new Clarity theme for BlackBerry(r)
smartphones that they have recently developed and released. The Clarity
theme for BlackBerry(r) smartphones is designed to enable you to see and
use your BlackBerry(r) smartphone with greater ease. Customers with
various visual abilities and disabilities can take advantage of the
improved legibility and simplified interface that this theme offers.
Whether you have vision loss, cannot see certain colours or are a senior
new to smartphones, you can adapt your BlackBerry(r) smartphone to help
meet your individual needs while on the go.

Increase your productivity with the following key features:

- Simplified, easy-to-use Home screen interface.

- Large, text-only icons on the Home screen.

- High-contrast screen displayed in dark on light or light on dark.

- Clickable header that allows you to easily switch between Date and
Time or Battery and Network level views.

The theme is available to download today from the BlackBerry App World
website - http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/36061?lang=en.
We'll have 3-4 demonstration handsets available on the day for you to
come and try the Clarity theme for BlackBerry(r) smartphones for

Session agenda:

- An introduction to the Accessibility Team at Research In Motion.

- An overview of the Clarity theme for BlackBerry(r) smartphones
including target customers, key features and supported devices.

- A walkthrough of completing common tasks on a smartphone when using
the Clarity theme.

- Questions, feedback and discussion.

- Hands-on time with the demonstration devices.

Please note: this is a provisional agenda and is subject to change
before the event.

How to book:

To book your place, please contact the event organiser, Andrew Ronksley,
by phone or email.

Organiser: Andrew Ronksley
Phone: 020 7391 2191
Email: andrew.ronksley at rnib.org.uk

Places are limited so please book as soon as possible! Following our
successful pilot sessions, we will shortly be releasing a schedule of
upcoming Phone Watch events for 2011-12 moving from a quarterly to
monthly frequency. We hope to announce more Phone Watch events for the
coming year in venues outside of London including Belfast, Birmingham,
Bristol and Edinburgh soon. Please watch out for further details.

We hope you'll be able to join us next month for this Phone Watch event!


Background to RNIB's Phone Watch events:

The accessibility of mobile phones and devices has generated a lot of
interest amongst blind and partially sighted users in recent times.
Compared to 5 or 6 years ago, the choice of accessible phones has now
significantly improved.

As we stand in early 2011, there are now more mobile phones in the UK
than there are people. The range of handsets, talk plans and
downloadable applications available is quite staggering. Today, many
people are now using their mobile phones for much more than just calls
and texts. Surfing the internet, reading eBooks, playing music, keeping
track of calendars and tasks and satellite navigation are just some of
the various uses now commonplace.

In addition to 3rd party screen reading and screen magnification
solutions for Symbian based Nokia phones, we now have the iPhone 3GS and
iPhone 4 from Apple which have screen reader and screen magnification
software built-in, there by providing access straight out of the box at
no extra cost. There are also accessibility solutions in development for
Google's Android based smart phones and Blackberry devices from Research
In Motion. With all these options and mobile technology evolving
continuously at a rapid pace, it is extremely important for blind and
partially sighted users to understand all the alternatives available to
them to make an informed choice.

Phone Watch is a new initiative from the RNIB which aims to share
developments in mobile technology with blind and partially sighted
users. A highly interactive, hands on experience with the latest mobile
devices and accessibility software is a key element of these sessions.
Industry experts are also invited to attend and speak about forthcoming
innovations in mobile accessibility. We'll also aim to provide useful
information and tips on how to make the most of your current phone's
capabilities. Since the sessions are highly interactive, participants
are also encouraged to exchange ideas and information which could
perhaps be documented to benefit other users with visual impairments.

As part of our Inclusive Society Programme, we want more blind and
partially sighted people to be able to confidently use mobile
technology. To help us achieve this, we're currently working with
manufacturers and software developers from across the mobile industry.
Phone Watch is one way of allowing us to keep abreast of users' needs,
enabling us to keep a finger on the pulse of current consumer
experiences and gather important feedback for future developments.

(c)2011 Research In Motion Limited. All rights reserved. BlackBerry(r),
RIM(r), Research In Motion(r) and related trademarks, names and logos
are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or
used in the U.S. and countries around the world.

Andrew Ronksley
Digital Accessibility Development Officer
RNIB Digital Accessibility Team
105 Judd Street

Email: Andrew.Ronksley at rnib.org.uk
Phone: 020 7391 2191
Web: www.rnib.org.uk/professionals/softwareandtechnology/


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