[BCAB] Online Tax Return Query

John Burling j.burling at btconnect.com
Fri Apr 22 18:14:11 BST 2011

Hi. I'm completing an online tax return at www.hmrc.gov.uk for the first
time in a few years. I also receive correspondence from HMRC in Braille.

I was disconcerted to find that my address, as held on the self-assessment
system, is that of the transcription unit in Shipley which Brailles my
correspondence, but with my postcode instead of theirs. I wonder if anyone
else who is under self-assessment and receives Braille correspondence has
encountered the same issue, or is it just a silly error?

Many organisations seem to handle the provision of alternative format
documents by changing the client's address to that of the transcription
provider. Do others, like me, feel this is not an acceptable procedure? Are
there any guidelines, eg, produced by COTIS, on best practice in the
provision of alternative format documents?

Kind regards.


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