[BCAB] switching to virgin

George Bell george at techno-vision.co.uk
Sat Apr 30 12:30:46 BST 2011

Hi Tom,

I imagine Virgin in your area will be much the same as here in
Northampton, so I'll describe my physical setup for you.

The "cable" comprises of two "cores" a thick one and a thin one coming
in from the street.  The thin one carries the telephone line and in my
case branches off where the original BT point is so if you want it
somewhere else, now's a good time to sort that out.  The thick one
carries on past that and ends up by the television.

The TV end is then split, with one side going off and connecting into
their V+ box, which in turn is connected to the TV.

The other side goes into a router, which then goes into a wireless
router.  The router also has 3 available hard wire network ports if
you wish to use equipment close to it.  They may well supply a
combined unit by now.

I've found the wireless side OK, which is just as well because I can't
easily and discretely cable up to my home office upstairs.

The three downsides are:

1) You have to sort out any telephone extensions you want.  However,
my wife had a wireless phone setup, so that solved that.
2) While the TV side simulteously lets you record two programs while
watching another, there's no way the standard setup caters for other
TVs in the house which kids may want to watch something different on.
I've not looked into that as there are only the two of us, and my wife
has a cheap wireless gizmo which broadcasts what on the main TV to the
one in the kitchen.
3) You will need at least two or perhaps 3 extra main sockets for the
V+ Box, modem and router, so get a multi-block extension if you need

As regards Outlook, etc., we don't use any of Virgin's e-mail, and
Outlook 2003 and 2007 work just fine.  I also access the office
network from home, so all in all, I'm fairly happy.


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Hi  folks,
on point of switching to virgin, mainly because we want a bundle and
faster download speeds than bt's.
Anybody done this and can give me any tips or warnings? For instance,
to get e-mails in outlook 2003 still.   
Also, pc upstairs, television and phone downstairs, any probs? Should
I ask to connect with ethernet and get a wireless card for pc...etc
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