[BCAB] Trouble getting hold of Dolphin

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Tue Feb 1 12:41:45 GMT 2011

In the past , before I abandoned dolphin products,  I do not think I ever
got through to   technical support using the automated divert you are
offered .  I found this extremely frustrating. What I learnt after a while
is that your only chance of getting through was to ignore the invitation  to
press what ever number it was for technical support and instead go through
the main switchboard. This was not a guaranteed method  of getting through
but the main switchboard was able to get me through on a few occasions after
I explained the length of time and number of calls I had tried to make. Hope
this helps.


David Griffith

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	I've been trying to get hold of Dolphin technical support for the
better part of a week. I'm trying to find the answer to a query from an
elderly BCAB member who dropped us a line for help.

	Each time I've tried to call I've received a message that says
they're all busy, and advised to leave a voicemail. Although I did this, I
didn't hear back from anyone (as promised) and emailed them instead. Still
no joy unfortunately.

	If Dolphin tech support are usually snowed under and a delay of a
few days is expected, I'll give it a bit longer. I'm conscious of the fact
that I'm not able to get back to the person who contacted BCAB in the
meantime though, so if anyone can offer an opinion I'd appreciated it.

	The problem, in case any Guide users are around, is that the person
is unable to enter capital letters into web forms. I'm guessing it's a Guide
problem, since other screen readers don't have the same trouble on the same
form. I don't know much about Guide though, hence my trying to contact



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