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Greetings All,

Today Apple approved and released the accessible version of Marcel Nijman's
Chess-wise Apps! As Scott Howell and I mentioned last week, Marcel has been
working to make his Chess App VoiceOver accessible. In addition, Marcel
modified three of his other game apps to make them VO accessible. Those Apps
are: Checker-wise, Draughts-wise and Xiangqi-wise. These apps are all now
available worldwide in the App Store and in the following languages:
English, Spanish, Russian, German and Dutch. Marcel plans to add Polish in
the next update.

Each of these four Apps is a universal App, which means they will run
correctly on the iPhone, iTouch and iPad. Also, each App has two versions: A
Free and a Pro version. The differences between the Free and Pro versions
are clearly defined in the "Description" section of each App's page in the
App Store. Personally, I would urge you to consider purchasing the Pro
version of any of these Apps in which you are interested. The price is only
US $2.99 for the Chess and Checker Apps, and only US $1.99 for the Draughts
and Xiangqi Apps. I believe Marcel is the kind of developer who deserves our
support one hundred percent.

I've not tried the 3 other games yet, but I can tell you the Chessboard and
Chess pieces are now recognized and read aloud by VO. You can navigate the
board using a one-finger swipe, or you can just slide one finger around the
board and VO will announce the coordinates and the name of a piece if one
occupies that square. To make a move, use one finger to locate the piece you
want to move, then double-tap. VO will announce "Selected." Now use one
finger again to locate the destination square and double-tap again. Please
note that this is considered a first version of this game in it's accessible
form. While Marcel has made the heart of the App accessible, it is a very
feature-rich App which will require additional coding to make it fully
accessible. Marcel has asked that those of us who use the Apps provide
feedback to him so he can continue to refine and update the accessibility

Here is a link to Marcel's App Gallery in the US iTunes store:

Here is a link to Chess-wise Pro in the US App Store:

Here is a link to Chess-wise FREE in the US App Store:

Personally, I'd like to thank everybody on this list who provided feedback
for Marcel, and I'd especially like to thank Scott Howell and Geoff Waaler
who took the initiative to also contact Marcel directly and who corresponded
regularly with him over the past 12 days.


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