[BCAB] twitter clients for windows

crazy-shawty aka everything you're muther wanted you to be but you aint quite turned out like me? crazy-shawty at ukfreeisp.co.uk
Thu Feb 24 17:34:12 GMT 2011

I am looking for a desktop client for twitter that will enable me to 
group my people i follow in to lists. I can't seem to do this on the 
twitter site or on brizzly which is what i normally use for twitter. I 
want a client that is accessible with nvda so if it is java or in adobe 
arr it will be no good. I don't like qwitter because it is confusing and 
requires you to know and use lots of shortcuts. Mactwitter seems to 
conflict with nvda and it cant read the buttons.
Hopefully someone can give me a client which will enable me to make 
lists or tell me how to achieve it on twitter or brizzly.

Thanks, Louise.

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