[BCAB] PDF created from graphical image

Michael Dias mchllmdds at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Jan 6 13:15:03 GMT 2011

Hello Clive

You may want to try pdf to txt which you can download from the below link. 
It is freeware software created by a blind programmer. Install the software 
and launch it. The default folder where pdf have to be placed is local C, 
pdf to txt and the pdf folder. On the application make sure image format is 
checked. This will cause the software to analyse the pdf for any text within 
graphics and put it in a txt file. I have used it in the past. I cannot 
guarantee that it will work, but there is no harm in giving it a go. I use 
it regularly to convert pdf to txt.


If you have any problems email me.

From: <Clive.Lever at kent.gov.uk>
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Subject: [BCAB] PDF created from graphical image

> Hello all,
> someone has sent me a couple of PDFs to which I need to gain access.
> Trouble is, they were generated from scanned-in graphics.  This means
> when I open the file it alleges I've got an empty document, because when
> it strips out the graphics there's nothing left to read.
> These files are not very long, but I need their contents quickly.  Does
> anyone know whether there is an easy way to convert them back to Word or
> Text, or jaws-readable pdf?  My scanner isn't currently working
> properly, so I can't OCR it myself.
> Thanks,
> Clive
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