[BCAB] Problem with installing iTunes on a Windows XP machine

Janet Tuggey janet at uk1965.plus.com
Sun Jan 9 07:50:08 GMT 2011

Hi all.

I installed iTunes recently and everything seemed to be OK.  Then I tried to
play the CD I got from the Taste The Apples event run by BCAB that I
attended and my CD-ROM drive didn't seem to work properly so couldn't play
the CD.  

I uninstalled iTunes and have just reinstalled it and it came up with this
message as I was installing it, and wouldn't let me continue until I'd
selected OK.

Message begins:

The software you are installing for this hardware: 

DVD/CD-ROM drives 

has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows
XP. (then there was a link to find out why testing is important, which I
admit I didn't look at).

This hardware will not be installed.  Contact your system administrator.  

Message ends

So this obviously means that my DVD/CD-ROM drive isn't installed which is
why it wasn't working and wouldn't play the CD.

But why?  iTunes isn't an operating system, so why did it not install my CD
drive.  And why did it need to be installed when it's already installed?  Is
there anything I can do to overcome this as I have a lot of CDs I'd like to
be able to play on my PC, but would also like to get to grips with iTunes as
I now have an iPhone and want to set up an account to buy apps?  

Even when I uninstalled iTunes the CD drive didn't work because it was
obviously not installed, so I think the only way I could have got it working
was to do a System Restore to a point before I installed iTunes for the
first time.

Help!!! I'm getting very frustrated.


Janet & Wheat, the silly Shepherd cross 

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