[BCAB] Use Of An SRAS Token Without Sight

terry terry.cooper at sky.com
Sat Jan 15 07:08:13 GMT 2011


I work for Essex county council, who have what sounds like a very similar

As I need to be able to log on from home, they gave me a USB version of the
token, which I just plug in the side of the laptop prior to booting it up.
I do still have to put the four digit pin number in, but as it is always the
same. there is no problem there.

If you or your IT department would want to ring ECC IT help desk, I'm sure
they'd be happy to talk to you about how they set up the USB version for me,
et al.

Hope that helps in some way.


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At work, our corporate network uses a system, whereby, if employees need to
log in from outside the network, they need to use an SRAS Token, a small key
fob like device with a screen which displays 6 random digits every minute or
so. When logging onto our corporate network, from, for example, home, the
user has to enter their User ID, followed by a 4 digit PIN known only to
them and matched to the token, followed by the particular 6 digits,
appearing on the device at that point in time. At no point is the SRAS Token
connected to the PC in any way.

My Issue is that I cannot see the digits on the device and am, therefore,
reliant upon sighted assistance to get logged on. Has anyone come across
such devices and, if so, do you know of any that are accessible, i.e. they
are voice enabled, produce Braille output etc? If not, would you have any
idea how I might be able to read the numbers from the device, without
sighted assistance? I did think about using a scanner to do do this. I
placed the token, face down, on my home flat bed scanner and used Abbyy Fine
Reader to scan it, hoping that the digits could be pulled into Microsoft
WORD and read to me that way. However, despite varying brightness levels
etc, this approach would not work.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could possibly rresolve this intriguing

Many Thanks,

Charles Nicol.

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