[BCAB] Any experience with Induction Hobs?

Ians subs iansubs at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Jun 11 11:05:51 BST 2011

Hi Chris,
Thanks for that very good suggestion. I've had a brief look and there seem
to be a number of Belling models and some from a company I think is called

I also found a sight for the Disabled Living Foundation who highlight one of
the Belling models so I'll try to contact them next week.

Thanks again.
Regards, Ian.

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Hmmmm RNIB should really be fighting our corner on this.  Sadly there are
not many Induction hobs that are blind friendly which is a shame as
induction hobs are ideal for the blind with them being so safe.  However, I
did manage to find two manufacturers that make induction hobs with rotary
controls  Do a search in google for Induction hobs with rotary controls and
you will probably get results from the likes of Stoves and Belling.


On 10 Jun 2011, at 22:16, Ians subs wrote:

> Hi,
> Has anybody got any experience using an Induction Hob please?
> We need to replace our existing gas hob, and I have heard that induction
> hobs may be usable by the blind.
> However, my searches on the web seem to imply that they are operated in a
> similar way to a PC touch screen. I.e. the controls are under the glass of
> the hob and are activated by touch.
> Is it possible to provide tactile markers on the surface to indicate the
> position of the controls?
> If induction hobs are usable by a blind person, can anyone recommend any
> particular models that I could investigate?
> I contacted the RNIB this afternoon but they no longer have anyone on
> staff who is able to discuss suitable accessible domestic equipment.
> Thanks for any help or advice you can give.
> Regards, Ian.
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