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To add to Yusuf's information:
3. Some books have a table of contents, some don't. You can't work the
table of contents with speech. You can search for and jump to a chapter
4. The Kindle has 3GB of memory.
6. No, you can't transfer folder trees to the Kindle. Once you've got
books on the Kindle, you can arrange them into collections, so you'd
have to recreate your structure. You'd also need to pay attention to
formats. I have been able to transfer Word documents to a Kindle via a
USB cable, but I can't then find them on the Kindle once I've
disconnected it. If I transfer a PDF document, I can find it on the
Kindle but the speech doesn't work on it. You are supposed to be able to
email Word and PDF documents to the kindle and they get converted to the
Amazon format on the way, but I've only tried this a few times and it's
failed every time, with no indication why.


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Hi All.
Sorry if this comes through twice, I sent it first time as an HTML email
which don't always come through.

I've been following with interest the conversations regarding the
I've been using a book courier for a couple of years now and like it but
am thinking about getting a kindle, mostly for access to the hundreds of
thousands of books you can get in the kindle store. If I'm correct books
purchased from the kindle store can only be read using kindle software,
either on PC or a mobile device.
I've been reading some reviews of the kindle and have a couple of
1. Am I able to read books purchased from the Kindle store on my book
2. The reviews I read said you couldn't move backward and forward pages
using speech on the kindle. Is this still correct? If so can you do any
navigation at all?
3. Can you get a list of chapters and be able to jump to them like a
table of contents? IMO one of the major things the BC lacks.
4. I'm looking at the WiFi model, I didn't find any ware which said how
much memory it had, just the number of 3500 books, what's this in MB?
5. does the kindle have a head phone socket?
6. Can you transfer folder trees from your computer and have the tree
organisation remain on the kindle? IE, I've got loads of books in
folders for each author, can I transfer a load of authors at one time
and the structure will be the same on the kindle as it is on the PC?
Thanks for any info.

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