[BCAB] Voice Recognition on iPhone

Sue & Ian usinthedoghouse at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Nov 23 11:45:07 GMT 2011

Hello, I have had an Iphone4S for 2 weeks now and Siri has made my 
introduction to the Iphone a lot easier. One of the major factors of course 
is understanding various accents so it is important to speak clearly. I have 
found it much better when I use the earphones which came with the phone. 
Also it is more likely to get a short message right 1st time. It is a very 
easy way of making a call, a tip for anyone contemplating switching to the 
Iphone is to make sure your contact details on your sim card are up to date 
so that when the information is transfered across to the new phone you will 
have no problems. Regards Susan Jones
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> Hi All,
> I'm interested to know what experiences people are having with Voice 
> Recognition on iPhones running VoiceOver.  I'm experimenting with it for 
> making calls on an iPhone4 with iOS5.  I've seen it demo'd very 
> impressively, and I think that potentially VR has the potential to get 
> around some problems VI users have with typing on the touch screen (as per 
> Graham's earlier message following the ten pint scenario, assuming VR can 
> cope with a certain amount of slurring).  I must say though that results 
> I'm getting are inconsistent, even in a situation with low background 
> noise.  It will be interesting to see whether the use of Siri on the 4GS 
> will revolutionise the use of VR.
> Regards and thanks,
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