[BCAB] Extra remote controls for Tvonics?

Alan Booth a.t.booth at btinternet.com
Sun Jun 3 18:59:43 BST 2012

Evening Listers
It looks like the addition of the Tvonics box into my humble home is going
to make me "man up"!!  Throughout the years having a remote control of my
own has not been an issue as I've been happy to let "Senior Management"
select what to watch on the understanding that, if I didn't like her
selection, I could always take myself off to the bedroom and watch my
programme there!
Thus, we are now in negotiations over the new rmote control and I'm
wondering if we can buy a second remote control so that both the Boss and
me, her humble servant, can have one each.  Reading through the instructions
it doesn't mention anything about a second remote so does anyone on the list
know if you can buy a universal control and tune it into the Tvonics box
Thanks in anticipation from the new, improved and maturing 

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