[BCAB] for barry re image for windows restoration without sight

Barry Toner barry at barry-toner.co.uk
Mon Jun 4 13:26:50 BST 2012

Hi John, 
I got it to fly without sighted assistance.

last night.  I made two images.  One clean install of Windows just NVDA loaded, and one with all Windows Updates plus other open source/free apps I snagged from www.ninite.com

What I did was just after the POST hit the letter C to boot from CD.  Let it spin up, maybe gave it 2/3 minutes.  Then i hit return one or two times, no arrows or tabs or anything.  The first image was on one disc so after it span down and wasnt' doing anything I hit the letter, "Y" and it span up and did it's thing.  After 20 minutes or so the disc popped out, I hit return a couple of times and could hear the laptops HD clicking, then the fan spin up which let me know it was rebooting.  It then proceeded to boot into windows..

I'm not sure if some of my return presses where necessary but they didnt' interfere with it at all.

I ran a multi disc restoration after this and same procedure.  Only once it pops the first disc out, stick the last disc in the set into the drive, hit return.  It scans that, then pops it out.  I then put the first disc back in and press return and it flew on.  Of course once it popped that first disc out I just worked sequentially.

A difference between my setup and yours is I only have one partition on my HD.  I tend to prefer this and use a mix of cloud and removable storage for non-OS/App stuff.


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Hi Barry, they've recently changed the restore interface, although as I don't have sighted assistance here I can't say how. Suffice it to say that the previously used keystroke sequence didn't work. If you have sighted assistance there, when you find the correct keystroke sequence could you let me know.
  As I don't use my C drive for storage I backup onto a single DVD. Previously it was a piece of cake, but now it's a nightmare. The one time I got it to work it installed onto the D partition instead of C. I'm wondering if, whereas previously it automatically installed to C without you having to tell it that now they've added a menu screen asking where to restore to. If that turns out to be the case could you tell me the key sequence to install to C?

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