[BCAB] Prizmo and other OCR iPhone apps

tim.pennick at bt.com tim.pennick at bt.com
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Hi Gordon and All,

It's an iPhone 4S.


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I have heard that performance of prismo very much depends upon the device, the higher the spec of the camera being critical.
What ios device are you using?



>From Bridgerule in glorious Devon, England.

On 7 Jun 2012, at 09:28, <tim.pennick at bt.com> <tim.pennick at bt.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I downloaded the Prizmo app from the iPhone appstore a week or so ago, as I'd read about it in the RNIB Access IT magazine.  However, I'm not having a great deal of success with it, and I wonder if others have had more luck.  Firstly, it seems to have no built in correction for orientation, i.e. you have to know which way up the document is supposed to be.  This is probably OK for pages of books etc, but is difficult for packaging on for instance - products from the freezer.
> Secondly, it seems to be very difficult to achieve a good focus.  Voiceover says "Auto focussed" but the image seems to be very poor unless you get sighted assistance to ensure a good focus.
> As this was RNIB app of the month, I feel I must be doing something wrong, particularly s I'm not getting much success with oMoby at the moment, and I'm wondering if there's something wrong with the camera.
> Anyway interested in the experience of others,

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