[BCAB] A tip for those using Google.

Colin Howard colin at pobox.com
Thu Jun 7 18:20:37 BST 2012


The text refers to google.com I have not tried it with google.co.uk but
can't believe it will not work, I do not know what system this guy is using,
I have Jaws V10 and windowsXP Home.

Maybe you all know about these, but if anybody has further similar tips on
using Google, please post them.

From: Dan Rossi <dr25 at ANDREW.CMU.EDU>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 14:57:13 -0500

I forgot to mention, that if you actually want to go to the google home 
page, and not have "google instant" on, you can create a favorite of:


This will take you to the search page as if you had gone to www.google.com 
then clicked on the "screen reader" link.

Also, if you click on the screen reader link, you can then see the options 
link for setting your search preferences.

Lastly, there are a bunch of tokens, like the complete=0 that you can add 
to the URL in your favorites.  For example, I prefer 20 hits per page, no 
google instant, and open links in a new window.  For that, my favorite 
looks like this:


Now, when I go to that URL, google instant is turned off, and when I 
search, I get 20 results per page, and when I click on a result link it 
opens in a new window.

Hope that is somewhat helpful for folks who want preferences, but don't 
want to deal with the preferences page or cookies.

After some initial research and experimentation, I discovered the three 
parameters of number of results, new window, and instant off.  After some 
deeper research, I found the following page that has quite the list of 
parameters.  Many of which I don't fully understand.  But it looks like 
you could create pretty sophisticated searches just by using these 

Here is a URL with the list:


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