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Mel Griffiths mel.griffiths at ictservices.org.uk
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Hi Graham,

When I first go into my Emails I select the edit button, top right. I then quickly look down the list of Emails, selecting the junk. Once all the junk is selected, there is a delete button, bottom left, which shows how many mails it is going to delete. Once this is done, you are left with a list of mails that you want to read. I find this works well for me.


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Hi all.


I find the IPhone generally quite good for reading Emails but I would like a way to quickly delete junk messages.


I know sighted people can swipe on a message and choose to delete it without having to go into the message first.  Is there a quick way for us to do this?  in theory I thought a double tap and hold should allow the next gesture to be passed through.  I can't seem to get the swipe to work, not reliably at any rate.  Is there a way of doing this or is going into each message to be deleted the only reliable way with voiceover?






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