[BCAB] Initial iphone questions.

Nick Adamson nick at ndadamson.com
Sat Jun 9 21:53:01 BST 2012

Hi All.

well this weeks holiday has eventually done in my old nokia e52 so its time 
for a new phone.
I was really tempted by android, being a techy type I liked a lot of the 
ideas behind it, but in the end techy fun and needing a phone that works out 
of the box, every time with a mature level of access were incompatible 
requirements as they say.

So I've ordered an IPhone 4. I've played a bit on the wife's ipad and have 
the getting started book but had a couple of questions.

I've been looking around and have seen cases for the IPhone that have slide 
out Bluetooth keyboards which seems like a grate idea. I'd really like one 
that physically connects to the phone and doesn't use a wireless connection. 
As I've mentioned in previous posts I work in a secure environment and one 
of the limitations is that we have to make sure any wireless tech like 
Bluetooth is switched off before I go in to work. So any ideas for a 
physical keyboard that plugs in to the phone, preferably one that is built 
in to a case and slides out.

Also I'm after recommendations for a good twitter client for IOS, I 
currently use tweets60 on my nokia, something like that would be great.


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