[BCAB] To all N86 users who are on the O2 network

chris hallsworth christopherh40 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 11:49:50 BST 2012

Hi Jackie.
Thanks. I have sent a service command and it said diverts deactivated. 
Let's see how things go. I have an O2 Top Up Sim as well.

On 11/06/2012 09:01, Jackie Cairns wrote:
> Hi Chris
> For your info, I use my N86 as a backup and, therefore, have an O2 top-up
> Sim card in it in case my regular O2 contract phone goes down.  I have had
> no signal issues on either.
> But Martin had a slight problem last weekend where he could send texts but
> not receive them, yet was able to make and receive calls,.  He is also on
> the O2 network and uses a top-up Sim.  When he contacted O2, the guy told
> him to remove the battery, which we'd tried anyway, but also take out the
> Sim card and rub it on some cloth on either side gently, then put it back in
> the phone.  Once we did that, and started the mobile again, he told us to
> key in hash hash 0 0 2 hash.  This sent a service command, and seemed to
> allow the texts to come rolling in.  Very odd! I know it doesn't help your
> signal issues Chris, but it's perhaps worth stating in case this anomaly
> occurs with anyone else.
> Kind Regards,
> Jackie Cairns
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> Good morning all.
> I don't expect a response to the below to be honest, but it is worth a shot
> anyway.
> To all who still have the N86 like myself and who are on the O2 network,
> have you been having little to no signal over the past few days? Asking as
> this is exactly what is happening to me. To clarify, this is the phone I use
> as a backup only. The iPhone 4 is my primary phone, and having no signal
> issues with that at all.
> So if you can duplicate, this would be greatly appreciated. If not, I am
> considering ditching it anyway as just soly rely on my iPhone 4 and home
> phone.
> Thanks so much!

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