[BCAB] An appeal to Virgin Media customers

Paul David, the Wonder of Wembley p.balster at ntlworld.com
Tue Jun 12 01:19:04 BST 2012

As most of you know I quite recently obtained a secondhand computer which is intended to replace my previous computer. However, it seems I will not be able to retire the other computer as I will not be able to access my emails from the replacement computer, unless I can overcome the following problem.

In order for me to access my emails from the replacement computer, Virgin Media require me to fill in my last name, account number and area reference number. Although they provide boxes to fill in my last name and account number, they do not provide a box for the area reference number, which is 2 digits. I have on more than one occasion attempted to place this information in what I think is the right place, only to be told that the required information is either missing or incorrectly entered. So, it seems that unless I can somehow overcome this problem, I will have to continue to operate 2 computers, one for emails and the other for all other purposes, with attendant necessity to constantly plug and unplug the lead from the computer to the modem depending upon which machine I wish to use at any given moment in time. Has anyone out there had this problem and found a sensible way around it?

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