[BCAB] Help with transferring print photo images to digital files

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Tue Jun 12 18:06:12 BST 2012

A lot of freeware graphics utilities will allowing scanning of images.
Irfanview is a good example.
You use Acquire Image on the file menu.
You may have to set up your scanner as the acquire source.

David Griffith

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Hi Fellow Listers

I hope this question does not reveal too much of my IT ignorance but thought
I'd risk it anyway, seeing how helpful everyone is to the less competent
amongst us!

As I steadily increase my IT skills I have managed, with sighted help, to
open a Facebook account and place some images into it. My wish is to re
establish contact with long lost friends and colleagues.

I only have a few digital images but do have a good collection of other
print images and would like to include some of these in my Facebook account
as well if at all possible.

Is it possible to scan such prints, both black and white and colour, and
then convert them into digital files for this purpose? Unfortunately I do
not have the negatives for any of these photos, just good quality prints.

I use a laptop with JAWS 12 and Windows 7 and have a B/W printer which can
also scan.

Kind regards

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