[BCAB] An appeal to Virgin Media customers

David Reynolds dkreynolds at ntlworld.com
Tue Jun 12 20:50:27 BST 2012


OE doesn't ask for this kind of information. It should simply be a case of
setting up a new account in outlook. As long as you have the relevant
information, i.e. your user name password etc, there shouldn't be a problem.
Since I've had my virgin media account, I've set up email on several
machines including my Iphone without the need to provide such information.
If on the other hand, you can get into outlook, we can certainly give you a
hand answering the kind of questions you'll get setting up a new account.



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Pele, I am using Outlook Express, and the fact is that as I cannot place the

information in the right box I can make no further progress. It looks as if 
this is one of those things which cannot be done without sighted assistance,

which is most unfortunate. 

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