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Jim Williams jwbr33694 at blueyonder.co.uk
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Many thanks but this is the third time this same e-mail has
come through to me.


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Hi Jim,
this is a rough outline of how to use CDex. I think there
was a BCAB training day which included CDex, so maybe there
are some notes floating around this list from that day.
Once you've adjusted one or two settings, as described
below, then to rip a cd to a compressed file format, like
1. Put a cd in the drive.
2. In the list view in CDex, select the tracks you want to
3. On the Convert menu, choose Extract CD track(s) to a
Compressed Audio file (F9).
To open the CDex configuration dialog, on the Options menu
choose settings (F4).
The dialog contains a page tree, and the controls for the
page which is selected in the page tree. After you've
selected the page you want in the page tree, you can then
tab to the controls for the settings for that page.
These are the pages which contains some of the important
1. The directories and files page, which is in the general
group in the tree. There's an Ouput filename format and
directories Recorded Tracks read-only edit box. This
contains the root folder where your ripped tracks will be
saved. If you need to change this, press Enter, and a Browse
for folder dialog opens, allowing you to choose a different
2. The Encoders page, which is in the Encoding group in the
tree. There's an Encoder combo box, and if you want to rip
to MP3, this should be set to use the LAME MP3 Encoder.
Unfortunately, Jaws reads this as another Thread priority
combo box. There is a real thread priority combo box which
by default is set to normal, and the following control is
the Encoder combo box, which Jaws misreads as another thread
priority combo box.
3. The remote freedb page, which is in the CD Database group
in the tree. There's a your E-mail address edit box, which
must contain an email address. Following this, there are
three check boxes. The use proxy and Authentication check
boxes should not be checked, but it's convenient to check
the Auto connect to remote freedb check box. When this last
check box is checked, then CDex automatically gets the cd
info when you put a CD in the drive.
Note of warning.
If you uninstall CDex, then it seems to also remove the
shortcuts to some other programs from the start menu.
original message:
Hi David,

Thanks for the link I'll have a go later.

Do you know of any good step by step instructions on using
Cdex 170, I have some old instructions on ver 1.51 but I'm
doing something wrong in the initial setup and nothing gets

In setting up on the Remote CDDB page the authenticate box
is checkedand I'm asked to edit something in that box, what
I don't know.

And the password asked for after my e-mail address I take to
be the password I use to access my e-emails?

Any thoughts welcome.

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