[BCAB] Can any one recommend any Internet radio player

Joe Paton joe at vi-ability.demon.co.uk
Wed Jun 13 18:03:15 BST 2012


I have the Evoke flow.

I've made notes on the remote control buttons, and a list of pre-sets.

I can use this quite well, but needed help to set it up, and to add 
stations to the radio.

The remote control made an inaccessible radio accessible for us.

It has FM and DAB.  Quite like FM, but DAB is really poor.  This is 
the case on anything I have heard Digital broadcasts on, unless the 
stream is high enough quality.  Subjective of course , and outside 
the scope of your question.

At 12:42 13/06/2012, you wrote:
>Hi folks.
>Been looking for a Internet radio,  look at so many am dizzy.
>Can any one recommend any radio, can get sighted help no problems setting
>them up.
>Barrie Moxon
>s.moxon at sky.com
>)Skype(  barrie.moxon
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