[BCAB] Can any one recommend any Internet radio player

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Wed Jun 13 18:41:06 BST 2012

The pocket plextalk is an excellent accessible internet radio and you do not
need sighted help to set it up. 
The sound quality is good and had  has great volume as well if that is
If you want big sound you will need to plug in external speakers but I use
it as a portable radio with earphones.
You can use the Plextalk transfer utility connect wirelessly or you can
connect to wireless  networks on the fly using the Plextalk itself.
The process of connecting is not well described in the manual but shout if
anybody needs help.
David Griffith
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Hi folks.
Been looking for a Internet radio,  look at so many am dizzy.
Can any one recommend any radio, can get sighted help no problems setting
them up.

Barrie Moxon 
s.moxon at sky.com
)Skype(  barrie.moxon

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