[BCAB] big problems with google

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Wed Jun 13 21:29:35 BST 2012

I have had good results recently with 

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Hello Listers,

I don't know what has happened to google, but what used to be relatively
simple to access a week or so ago, is playing up chronically at present.
There were some program updates at the weekend, and I wonder if ie or
something else has cocked it up for me.  I have tried google.com, and
google.com/m, but the layouts are different and I can't get to do a search
even though I have entered what I want in the search edit field.  I have got
the occasional message that google instant is turned off and that my
connection speed is too low or something.  I am with virgin media and have
had not problems that I am aware about broadband speeds.  Is anyone else
having problems with google.  Some time ago, I used to use a link for google
that ended with /accessible, but I cannot remember the full link.  Does
anyone know what it was?


Alan Michael Rayner
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