[BCAB] National Computer Museum - Bletchly Park

Laurence Taylor g7mzh at btopenworld.com
Wed Jun 13 23:08:37 BST 2012

Don't ditch your talking teletext boxes just yet; although the BBC and 
ITV have decided to stop the service, other broadcasters haven't, so if 
you've got satellite, you can still use the text services from Sky, RTE 
and others. Even if you haven't got a subscription, the teletext still 


On 13/06/2012 08:44, Jackie Cairns wrote:> I remember those well, and 
used first a Brade, then the Mimic.  But we've
 > been here before haven't we?  I just wondered if items of equipment that
 > just lie around could be put in a museum.  An example is Talking 
Teletext, a
 > brilliant piece of kit that is now defunct because analogue is virtually
 > off.  I somehow can't bring myself to bin mine, so it's surplus to
 > requirements, yet has a place in assistive technology history like so 
 > other stuff that couldn't even be used in disadvantaged countries.

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