[BCAB] Improving battery life on the IPhone

Graham Page gpage at useit.plus.com
Thu Jun 14 10:26:00 BST 2012

There are things you could do but actually that's not bad.  You get a
similar kind of battery life to that of some smart phones such as the Nokia

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Hi All.
I've had my IPhone for 4 days now and think its grate.
One thing I've noticed is that the battery life doesn't seem very good.
I took it off an over night charge yesterday morning, at about 07:00 AM
and its now down to 42% remaining. This means that it will need charging
every other day. I wouldn't say I've over used it in the last 24 hours,
a couple of minutes on the phone and maybe an hour on the apps and
internet. Is this expected on the phone or do I need to turn something
off that's using the battery?
So far I've turned off the 3g connection, location services, Bluetooth
and tend to use the phone with the screen cur ten turned on to see if
this helps.
This is using IOS 5.1.1. Does voice over and the default TTS use a lot
of power?
I know I can get an external battery charger for it but if this is the
only option then the built in battery really lets the phone down.
Any ideas gratefully received.

Nick Adamson
Software Engineer

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