[BCAB] National Computer Museum - Bletchly Park

Laurence Taylor g7mzh at btopenworld.com
Thu Jun 14 14:39:01 BST 2012

Hello Jackie,

Yes, the Freesat "text" service is all graphical like the ghastly 
Freeview one, but if you can tune in RTE all four channels run a 
standard teletext service.

Their news output is somewhat Ireland-centred, but not exclusively so.

On 14/06/2012 08:27, Jackie Cairns wrote:
> Hi Laurence
> That's interesting to know, thank you.  We can get RTE here, but we aren't
> subscribed to any Sky package, only FreeSat, so I guess that just counts as
> something similar to digital Freeview which won't work of course.  It's a
> pity, because if you knew your way around the various Teletext numbers, it
> was quicker to find something than anything else like waiting for the news
> and hoping the story you wanted was featured.  And if you were into sport
> updates, it was great for announcing tennis, football, F1, and cricket
> changes during events, depending on what you were interested in.  In my
> mind, because I used it so much and got one heck of a lot out of it, Talking
> Teletext was the best innovation of the 90s.  Yes you could get all that
> stuff on the Internet, but it was still faster.
> Kind Regards,
> Jackie Cairns
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> Don't ditch your talking teletext boxes just yet; although the BBC and ITV
> have decided to stop the service, other broadcasters haven't, so if you've
> got satellite, you can still use the text services from Sky, RTE and others.
> Even if you haven't got a subscription, the teletext still works.


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