[BCAB] podcast clients for windows 7 64 bit

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Fri Jun 15 04:06:55 BST 2012

This is a bit of a puzzle as I am using Juice on my windows 7 64 bit  with
no problem. I have just imported my feeds and everything appears to be
working fine with a manual catch up which I have just tried.
I am using version 2.2.
Maybe try another install? I am not sure but I think I may have had to
re-install the program under recommended settings when Windows prompted me
to do this.
Alternatively you could try out the podcast downloader in the Webbie Suite -
I have not tried it on 64 bit.

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HI all:
Having just upgraded my home PC to a 64 byt version of windows 7 I
discovered that Juice podcast client doesn't work on  64 byt OSs. I've had a
tampter around with compatibility settings, manually modifying the
ipodder.cfg file to reflect paths to programme files and documents location
for windows 7 but with no joy so I think the time has come to look for a
different podcast client.  any suggestions?

I'd prefer not to use itunes as I often transfer to none IOS devices so see
no real need to and since IOS 5 don't even need to use itunes to manage
iphone and ipod touch so use itunes as little as possible.

Thanks for any ideas.

E: Adrian at dogfish.plus.com
T: @aHiggi

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