[BCAB] Apple TV, was, TVonics - two very important issues

Gordon Keen gordonkeen at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 17 12:18:01 BST 2012

Hi J

To be honest it's a bit lacking in content at this time but we mostly use it to stream to using airplay from either my wife's ipad or my ipod/mac book.   This way mdw is able to show her photos/videos on the 42inch hd telly and I can stream tune in radio ( for example ) to our hi-fi. 

It was 89 quid or there abouts when we bought it and it was worth it to us for just doing what we do now, any further content that comes along will be a bonus.



From Bridgerule in glorious Devon, England.
On 17 Jun 2012, at 11:51, Jackie Cairns wrote:

> Thanks for that G, will look into it.
> Could I just ask what the Apple TV is really like in terms of available
> content, quality etc?  I've always been just idly curious, but as you have
> bitten everything Apple, you'd be a good sort to ask.

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